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Featuring on the My Top Ten at Ten radio show on Hot FM, Iris who is the daughter of Former Cabinet Minister Dr Michael Kaingu said she is off the dating scene because she feels that most Zambian men are full of pretence.She was introduced on the show as the Chief Executive Officer of Kozo Group of Companies.Most Zambian men are not very genuine when it comes to love, sometimes even married people are full of lies,” Iris said.She added, “You find a lot of nonsense with a married man with a big wedding bands coming to tell you lies, the same goes for both single men.“I do not believe that am at the stage where am dating for fun, if am in a relationship then it means am ready to see it all the way,” she said.She said she could not be bruised easily and that the comments would not in any way change things for her.

The radio show which was on a wide ranging issues and Iris’s top ten favourite songs saw the 25-year-old Iris reveal some intimate details about her life, family and future plans.

“Just like someone’s beauty or body should not be the sole reason you want to be with that person, character is the most important and I believe you can’t know someone’s character without getting to know that person,” she said.

“I have had people come to me and say Iris I like you and I wanna date you.

By CHRISTINE MWAABA - THE fresh breadth-afro soul artiste Victoria Mpone, a.k.a Wezi, has admitted that Mumba Yachi is 100 per cent her soul mate.

She says she will not argue but agree openly that she is in a stable relationship with the music star and that he is her soul mate.

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“The way I grew up in Ndola I can assure you that few things make me cry and this one is not special to change me now,” she said.

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