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Men are far deeper creatures than television sitcoms would have you believe, and sometimes, they think they’re telling us things with their actions, rather than their words.

Learning to read his signals is a very important part of being with your man!

Sometimes, men don’t say it out of a fear of rejection, fear of commitment or because they have simply never said "I Love You" before and it’s a bit terrifying.You may not remember it if you’re drunk—and it’s hardly romantic, man.Keeping it simple lets her know you’re 100-percent serious about her, evoking a certain straightforward, no-BS tact women crave. The stereotype is that women are more interested in relationships, especially serious relationships, and are therefore more likely to confess their feelings sooner than men.When looking at actual relationships, however, men were more likely to profess their feelings first!

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Your rent-out-the-stadium-Jumbotron moment can wait.

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