Trekkie dating review

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Once the Captain vacated his seat, I almost managed to take the original Enterprise for a test drive, but yet again, it was not to be.At the Star Trek 25th Anniversary Party, Avery Brooks performed an interesting jazz set and Dominic Keating ended the days proceedings with side-splitting comedy routine that turned more than the Romulan Ale blue.The Captain’s talks, although strictly limited to 45 minutes, gave fans an opportunity to put questions to their favourite Captain.For some fans it was difficult to make a distinction between Star Fleet Captain and Actor and questions ranged from whether or not a Shuttlecraft at full speed could keep up with the Enterprise at quarter impulse, to whether or not it’s possible that William Shatner was attending a Destination TJ Hooker Convention in a parallel universe somewhere.I want it to be its own thing and I think we need to give it more than two episodes to assess how "trek like" future episodes will be." - u/Quivex "I think the fact that the first two episodes are essentially a big prologue for the show is really interesting.Not what I was expecting, and now I'm fascinated to see where the story goes from here." - u/John Carterof Ares "I think Star Trek fans are too caught up in the legacy of the series.Needless to say William Shatner was more than comfortable with the subject of a parallel universe.The modest single day ticket price of £29 allowed only entry to the hall, however, the Opening Ceremony, photo tickets, autographs, Captain’s talks, stunt shows and the Klingon and The Next Generation themed after parties were all added extras.

Hundreds of people had proudly donned facial prosthesis to become Borg, Klingon, Ferengi and Vulcan for the day.The gold uniform would signify command, which is what Kirk wore, Spock wore blue for sciences and medical and red was generally left for the members of the crew which were expendable." The Trekkie Girls' own uniforms were hand-made in Hong Kong and are not reserved only for premieres and conventions - the dedicated fans reveal they also wore them for Sam's hen party.Star Trek Into Darkness is released in cinemas on May 9. at the Ex Ce L and I am definitely in the correct place.There are Star Fleet uniforms of every colour worn by people walking across the car park, and there is a mildly surreal feeling in the air. With people seemingly flocking from every corner of the galaxy to attend the first official Star Trek convention in a decade, 12,000 people descended on the London Excel, in what was to be a memorable, enjoyable and family-friendly day out.

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