Sex chat with monika

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Sex chat with monika

I immediately lost my brain and slid under the counterpane kissing her breasts, stomach, inner thighs and finally her hot juicy pussy.

I still remember I ate her for more than 10 minutes continuously until she almost was cumming.

The husband sees a change in his wife’s attitude to sex, he notices and feels that she’s not as passionate as before, this pushes him to bring one more cock into the action and it’s going to be real fun!

I am starting my story by telling you how gorgeous my sexy wife is.

Being a virgin, she never admitted an idea of having sex before marriage.

She was always satisfying her coworker by masturbating him on their way home every night under a tree or at a corner of a house in the dark, until he was ejaculating his heavy load on her hands.

She is a beautiful blonde, half German and half British. She has firm model legs that any man or woman can crave for.

We went to our room and started watching the excitement. All the time we were watching we were taking a small break for kissing and touching.

When we French kissed and she would hold my hard cock and rubbing it in her wet pussy.

Impatiently I waited for my friend George to come back home from his job. With a great smile he shook hands with me and then sat in front of me on the other sofa.

We started to talk about different boring subjects for several minutes.

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I asked her if she wants me to bring my friend George and fuck her together. I always took care of her and made her wishes true.