Separated when to start dating dating recently divorced dad

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Me and my Ex H have been separated for 4 months now and we are both dating.I guess it depends on the people and the type of separation you are going through.

BTW, my second wife and I are currently separated, and I am in no rush to start dating at this point. The decision is ultimately up to you and how comfortable you are with hearing about your estranged spouse seeing someone else.I attached to my second wife because she filled in the voids that were lacking in the previous marriage, so my balance was skewed in the opposite direction.I didn't take enough time for myself to heal over the previous marriage and allow myself to start with a clean slate.My H is dating also but he is not into the whole serious dating as I am yet.Make sure you know what you want before you go through the dating scene, it may cause some mixed emotions on both ends which I am guessing it already is. Keep us updated, I would actually like to know more on this with you as I am there too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And just when we think we will never smile again... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

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