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The full research findings will be explored in depth at the Green Biz VERGE conference in Santa Clara, California, beginning next Tuesday, September 19th.

“This research clearly highlights the complexity of logistics operations in urban environments,” said Mark Wallace, senior vice president, global engineering and sustainability.

What really caught our attention in this book is Chapter 8: Dialogs with Virtual Personal Assistants.

The authors present AIML as a tool for creating virtual personal assistant apps (like Siri).

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As a next step, they introduce an app that can launch another app based on a voice command.The dialogs are specified in XML, and the app asks the user a series of questions to obtain the values for various form fields.Next, the authors present an application of grammars to evaluate the spoken words.Access to e-commerce is part of what makes alternative transportation modes and walkable urbanism a viable choice.At the same time, transportation and delivery can contribute to pollution and gridlock, and can be challenging for companies both large and small to manage sustainably.

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They borrowed our ideas for using out-of-band (OOB) tags for the Call Mom personal assistant app.

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