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The majority of displays tend towards eroticism and humor, but there are a few that are genuinely artistic as well.Once you’re done exploring the grounds there’s a bit of a sex museum, an internal art gallery, and the obligatory gift shop selling a bunch of sex related souvenirs.But Korea is also a land of startling contradictions when it comes to the horizontal mattress mambo.It’s a country where it is considered wildly inappropriate to show off your cleavage or your bare shoulders, but where it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear a mini-skirt that barely covers her underpants.It’s not at all uncommon to see an otherwise perfectly normal Korean man walking down the street with a fabulous Louis Vutton bag slung over his shoulder. It wasn’t uncommon for me to be out drinking with one of my Korean bosses and see them flirting with or even fondling a giggling younger woman. Wives ferry their husbands around like chauffeurs and seem resigned to losing their partners to regular fishing trips or drinking on the weekend – leaving them alone to take care of the kids.

‘Love Motels’ offer hourly rates for businessmen and their lovers or cheap accommodation to foreigners not wishing to shell out for a real hotel room.A toothy bathroom blow-job isn’t exactly the height of romance, but it is perhaps an indication of how the younger Koreans are shaking off the conservative habits of their parents. If there’s one monument to the changing view of sex in South Korea, it’s Love Land Park on Jejudo.While it might be more accurately described as ‘Lust Land’, the park’s many sculptures and displays representing a growing love of sex in South Korea.Korean pornography, by and large, follows the Japanese tradition of male dominance and female submission or embarrassment. Just pitifully quiet grunting to match each of the man’s fevered thrusts.Lying in a love motel bed with a girl I was sleeping with and watching a little hardcore porn (as you do) treated us to scene after scene of women being taken against their will and eventually ‘enjoying it’. The female’s enjoyment of the act doesn’t seem to be much of a factor in Korean porn.

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The world of Korean sex is a world at odds with itself.