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In some cases they were attacked by anti-LGBT vigilante groups that sprang up in late 2012 across Russia.These groups consist of a network of radical nationalist men who lure gay men and teenage children on the pretext of a fake date, hold them against their will, and humiliate and expose them by videotaping the encounter.Such encounters have often involved perpetrators pouring urine over their victims and in some cases forcing them to drink it.

This inaction has only served to perpetuate the cycle of discrimination, harassment, and violence.In addition to lasting emotional trauma, some vigilantes’ victims also described the physical injuries they sustained, including bone fractures and facial injuries.In other cases, LGBT people described being physically attacked by strangers on the subway, on the street, at nightclubs, and, in one case, at a job interview.Law enforcement agencies deliberately ignore hatred of LGBT people as a key criminal motive behind the attacks.Although Russia has hate crime laws, Russian law enforcement agencies do not treat even the most blatantly homophobic violence as hate crimes.

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