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He said we were dating

There’s NOTHING like loving a woman that you can connect with on all levels, combined with the feeling that she will be down for you through thick and thin because your FRIENDSHIP ensures your bond is deeper than a surface level connection.

I try to honor and respect every woman who reads my emails and offer advice that is honest but not too brutal.The guy says he wants to be friends first, and then I’m the one who gets friend-zoned…which makes me question if I’m gf/wife material or if I’m such a good friend, they wouldn’t want to ruin that. Because there’s a lot to unpack, I will address the questions and topics brought up chronologically as they appear in the email.First, please understand that men definitely WANT to have an incredibly strong and genuine friendship with their woman.These guys will beat your nani up, and the second you bring up relationship talks, he will turn around and say See, men HATE women’s friend zones because for MOST MEN it’s the END zone.The problem is that men and women both see the ‘Female Friend Zone’ as two completely different things.

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