Genelia d souza dating

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Genelia d souza dating

If I’m doing something, I know what her reaction will be. And I have been asked about it in interviews too, but what can you do?

And in last 10 years, we’ve just grown together to be similar people in terms of thinking. R: Most important for us was to understand each other. For example, there were so many articles written about my sexuality.

Apart from watching movies together, they also watch all of their interviews and pinpoint each other’s mistake at the same time, so that they do not repeat it the next time.

Krystle points out that Karan speaks a lot and sometimes he talks a lot of crap and also asks him to control his mouth from the next time onwards!

The two (Karan and Krystle) are more like two guys being the best of buddies, more than any relationship.

And lastly, a girl and a guy can be just friends as well, Karan laughs out loud!

He also did not disclose her name on being questioned. Q: Most couples want to take a break after wedding, but you guys are all over the place... R: Yes, I'd love to have a break right now, to chill out. But the mamma’s boy bluntly denied the piece of information about his and Yashashri’s affair.Genelia: But there’s still a certain line that we draw. Like we were just talking, we had a great time with the media at our wedding. I got a shock when we came out to give photo ops for the reception, people were cheering for us. Though in school I was like all over, very active, really bubbly. And it was like, ‘Oh you’re not seeing anyone — which I obviously was lying about — so you’re gay (laughs). The first time I was asked this was by a girl who had come to interview me for a magazine.

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Q: You’ve been so guarded about your personal life. We didn’t come from a film background so we didn’t know how to handle all the media attention. Whenever people asked, we said we are just friends. Q: Genelia, how were you like growing up — really bubbly or wild-n-whacky? And honestly, this (films) is the place where I get to be more college than when I was in one really. So films make me live the part of college that I really missed out.

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