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Notes: If you are upgrading from 5.90 or 6.00, and you use an eco Route HD with your nüvi, you may need to re-pair the eco Route HD device with your nüvi.

Change History Changes made from version 6.10 to 6.20: Fixed an error that caused devices to shut down when loaded with English China maps.

Improved software updating process from update cards and GCD files. Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.40: Added Loc8 Postal Code functionality for Ireland.

Corrected issue that could cause unit to remain stuck on copyright screen.

Corrected to slightly increase the time before a loss of external power is determined to avoid false external power lost messages.

Corrected the eco Challenge score to no longer display in bicycle mode.

Corrected an issue so a via point can now be inserted between the current location and first via point in the 1400 series route planner.

Corrected several issues with Bluetooth connections. Corrected an issue where the unit would ask for the Garmin Lock pin when connected to a computer if the pin was previously entered.

Corrected a problem related to starting up the unit in mass storage mode. The 2620 worked, but I didn’t use it much because it was bulky, the UI was sluggish, and it just never quite felt right to me. Ebay has a bunch of Nuvi 350s listed for 140 Euros (plus 45 Euros shipping). from=R40&satitle=nuvi 350 regarding the ebay guy ….at the responses …then look at the responses for the other ten or so people …all giving each other good reviews ….. Looks like someone got scammed already ….price looks right however ……i remember my grandpa told me this a long time ago …and it still remains true even more so today ….it seems too good to be true …it probally is. Load that into your Nuvi and youll be alerted before you head into a trap.Corrected the unit converter so it will no longer allow multiple decimal points.Corrected incorrect handling of percent functions on the calculator.

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Added support for mobile safety cameras in Russia and corrected an issue displaying the full safety camera text. Corrected an issue that was preventing the TV icon from being displayed in certain circumstances.

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