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Every time someone sees the both of us together, they cannot help but comment about how similar we look.

In my mind, every line, every wrinkle, gives proof to the wisdom I have gained through the years.

I looked like a clown half the time but I felt great knowing no one could see my breakouts/acne scars/discoloration.

Now a senior in college, a working student and living on my own, I rarely have the time to worry about my face. " — Jacqueline Townsend, 27, Woodhaven"It's a struggle some days to forgo makeup and look in the mirror with full confidence, but this face is mine.

I barely have a minute to shower every day -- much less wear makeup or dry my hair -- between caring for my girls, spending a few minutes with my hardworking husband, and every other thing that I handle falling under the category of full-time mom.

When my family looks at me, I might as well be the most beautiful woman in the world because their love for me makes me feel like I am." — Haley Lenders, 31, Commerce Township"In my younger days, I would never be caught dead in public without makeup.

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I started to wear outrageous amounts of foundations, that were all the wrong shades, to cover them.