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Dating rolex with serial numbers

For an explanation and breakdown of different Rolex country codes, please refer to the next section on Rolex country codes.

This change makes sense since Rolex switched to random serial numbers, the clasp code was the next in line to be made random/scrambled.

The overseas warranty card is in French also lists 4 items: Rolex model and serial numbers like the American card, a country code called N client, and a “modele” category.

Common to both warranty cards, the name of the authorized dealer from which the Rolex timepiece was purchased from will be listed on the back.

We have gathered a chart below with Rolex clasp code letter designations by year beginning in 1976 when Rolex began the practice.

Each clasp code begins with one or two letters, followed by a number 1-12.

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The first letter prefix, R, was introduced in 1987.