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Dating for fuck in egypt

Among topics discussed, the video also presents facts about sexual harassment in Egypt.A United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women report on Egypt this year found that 99% of the women they surveyed had been subject to harassment.It's normal, but they don't talk about it or share it,” he said.“They are talking only about a certain category of people who think it's shameful or .” But Suzy, an Egyptian in her 20s, said of the video, “I think it is 100% true.” Her friend Nesma, also in her 20s, agreed.“The fact that we’re taught to be ashamed of physical affection reinforces specific patriarchal characteristics.So a lot of these guys who act so open-minded end up judging the very women they are in relationships a journalist and photographer based in Cairo, Egypt.She is filming a documentary, Boys of the Bullet, about several friends who fought in the 2011 clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

“It’s our parents, they make you think it’s bad to hang out with girls.

The video begins with a young Egyptian man who says that sexual repression has become so engrained in Egyptian culture that it has resulted in daily, and absurd, judgments about everyday behavior.

"' He's going up to his apartment with her? He is one of several unnamed young Egyptians interviewed in their homes, speaking freely about subjects often considered taboo to discuss in public.

The study also found higher instances of harassment among women who dressed conservatively.

A majority of the self-identified harassers in the study were men aged 24 and under.

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It talks about sex — specifically the cause and effect of sexual repression in Egypt as perceived by the creators of the satirical video, and a number of people sharing the video enthusiastically on Facebook.

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