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The center label was simplified significantly in 1968.

"Whip action" is removed from the label and a stylized "A" logo is placed above the less-fancy script "Adirondack" logo, prompting many collectors to refer to this as the "tee pee" label.

It could say "PERSONAL" above the player's name and "MODEL" below, as before.

There were several barrel variations during this era.

The Registered Trademark is placed above the "d" in Adirondack. (302 on this label) is directly below with "DOLGEVILLE NEW YORK USA" in smaller letters at the bottom.

A rare variation of the center label, made in 1968 only, has "ADIRONDACK" in all capital, block letters The center label was simplified significantly in 1968.

As a point of reference, this is one of only seventeen jerseys from that historic decade ever graded by MEARS, with only two others conclusively dating earlier (many jerseys in the census, like this example, are dated by a range of years and therefore overlap; the date of the offered jersey overlaps with those of two others).While we will never know, this jersey may possibly have been worn by the great Rogers Hornsby, "Sunny" Jim Bottomley, Jesse Haines, or manager Branch Rickey, all of whom were with the Cardinals in 19. Its player identification notwithstanding, this remains an exceptional example of one of the oldest St. UNDER DOLGEVILLE-NEW YORK, Flexible Whip Action to the right of center label, ADIRONDACK (MUCH THINNER LETTERS THAN 1946-1950)model # moved into center labeling."Mc LAUGHLIN-MILLARD, INC." was replaced with, "ADIRONDACK BATS, INC." The "REG. The only change to the center label is that the block-letter "ADIRONDACK" is now is written in script with only the "A" capitalized.

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