Comedy dating advice

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Comedy dating advice

” He will probably be confused, which is exactly the reaction you want. There are three ways you can address this tricky problem, Miffed Roommate. Put up a sign in the shower that says, “Warning: This Shower is Protected By a 24-Hour Masturbation Surveillance Camera.” This is a modification of the sign that many people place on their doors to ward off burglars, and if it works to keep thieves away, surely it will deter your pervert roommate. Put a hidden remote megaphone in the shower, and when your roommate is in there, shout, “STOP MASTURBATING.

She claims they are “best friends” and she doesn’t want to lose him as a best friend.

I have definitely have never Hail Mary'd and just sent one out on a whim.

Seems risky to me.""Because you can get on the beat! It just puts a certain vibe if you have on the right music.

Maybe it's a test to see if that person is superficial or not.

Every day, hundreds of Reddit users seek advice on the site’s Relationships page, opening their hearts on everything from dating to break-ups to infidelity to friendships gone wrong.

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It isn't a secret, he just, well, doesn't know yet.