Clean rpg chat for adults

Posted by / 03-Dec-2017 20:51

We've put our heart and souls into what we built and wrote, therefore we have every right to expect you as a player to know our game~ Well, why ever for?

We all know that there are various forms of roleplay stories and such out there, but this server has mature players and there are several elements that might not be suitable to anyone under the age of 15.

It's disrupting and discourteous to go AFK smack-dab in the middle of a busy area or where others are role playing.

When it comes to creating races that are not listed under "Natural Races" and stories that will involve a large amount of players, approval is required.This is the following list of what gives this server such a rating, however we must also mention that all of these listed below are heavily moderated: We STs and GMs do not like to act like they are the omnipotent people of the server as we believe in merging with the rest of the community, however we do expect for a certain degree of respect.As we like to chat and talk just like everybody else, we have a server to keep in order, a life to live and an individual personality.On a related note I would like to point out that having a friendly relationship with an ST or GM will not guarantee you a safe position; we treat everyone equally, new and old player alike, therefore if you are in wrong we will calmly correct you and if it persists, measures will be taken against whatever the situation is.We admire and appreciate honesty, but not relationships for server bonus no.

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These are to be used when not roleplaying, that is either on the forums, IRC or whenever you are talking to a person concerning the server Advent RO.