Chemical elements dating game lesson plan

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Chemical elements dating game lesson plan

Students will use the monatomic and polyatomic ions to write the correct chemical formula for a compound or name an ionic chemical compound correctly.

Small wooden squares with the formulas of the common monatomic and polyatomic ions(no charges) written on the faces or normal dice with formula stuck on the faces of the dice.

Pupils need to 'speed date' with each other to find another element (or elements) to form a bond with in order to make a compound.

Pupils are given a 'dating card' each which gives an element and some information about them.

This means the student could lose 1 point for writing an incorrect formula based on the dice rolled, but if they named the compound correctly based on the formula written they will not lose any points.2.

With advances in laboratory equipment and techniques, however, Joseph Priestley was able to prove that air is actually a combination of elements.

Discuss how scientific discoveries can change our sometimes-simple ways of perceiving the world.

Mendeleyev was able to predict the properties of the missing, yet-to-be-discovered elements by analyzing the nearest known elements in the table.

Review with students what they have learned about the periodic table of the elements.

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Which scientist or scientists discovered the element? You can also encourage each student to write an additional paragraph about any uses or products that have developed from the discovery of his or her element or ways in which the element has affected society.