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image source Burke says, “Crete is relatively poor in natural resources: there are no major deposits of metals on the island, which is remarkable considering that the people of Crete became famous for their crafting skills…

I have read two of these scholarly tomes, and since I don’t have much familiarity with ancient history, I have had to re-read them a few times.

Burke’s premise is that following craft activity through a society should help us discover facets of the society’s structure, politics, and economy.

Since the Minoans are credited with creating the first civilization in Europe, they are a good place to start.

They lived on Crete, which is about halfway between Greece and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cretan settlement Knossos , the oldest European city, was first settled about 7000 BC, still in the Stone Age.

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The earliest textile equipment found in Knossos (clay spindle whorls and loom weights) are dated to about 3750 BC.* These early remains are found scattered throughout the site, suggesting that all the steps to make cloth were done in individual households.

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