Astrology dating is a good way to

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Astrology dating is a good way to

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money, but it should appear as if you thoughtfully planned things.

Sensory pleasures such as flowers, a special bottle of wine, or a spectacular view will be very appreciated.

“It’s important to take into account the moon sign, Venus, and Mars positions,” says astrologer Diana Brownstone.

“A full natal chart is most helpful, since generalizing just by sun sign really waters down the power of astrology to give you accurate information.” She adds that it can be helpful to take note of what type of sign your partner is.

Geminis hate to be bored, so plan multiple activities to keep the date moving along. Go with it and turn a difference of opinion into a lively, flirtatious exchange." Compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, and some other Cancers Incompatible with: Aries, Libra, some Gemini, some Cancers Strengths: "Cancers are loving, affectionate partners who will do just about anything for someone they love," says Shea.

Ask lots of questions and get them to share their opinions and ideas," suggests Shea. Tell stories, discuss books, movies, or whatever it takes to hold their interest. "They will be a champion, confidant and safe haven for their partner.

Cancers are excellent at letting their partner know how much they value them by helping them to identify, share, and express emotion." Weaknesses: "Cancers are emotionally fine-tuned, which means they have the ability to acknowledge all of their feelings all the time.

For instance, I’m a Gemini with a Taurus rising, a moon in Scorpio, and a Venus in Taurus."They aren’t always able to roll with it if their partner deviates from the plan.Additionally, they're learning to open up emotionally and not always make decisions from a practical standpoint, but from their heart." Advice for Dating One: "Spoil them."A date with a Cancer won’t be as much about what you do but you do it—with feeling.Make a general plan, but watch their body language and ask lots of questions to make sure they're having a good time. I’d avoid hanging in a group for first dates, but if you do, a small group like a double date is ideal. A limo or a helicopter ride won’t thrill them as much as just looking into their eyes and giving them your undivided attention.

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Take them somewhere they’ve never been or to do an activity they’ve never done.

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  1. The insider said that the two dined at the restaurant with a small group around p.m. The pair enjoyed lunch at popular eatery Butcher & Bee, and then were seen walking through downtown Charleston together.

  2. Tuck and Lauren have a great first date but, after it's over, she accidentally bumps into FDR (Chris Pine) and, after a rocky getting-to-know-you period, they too are going out.