Ashley tisdale jared murillo dating was jason dating molly

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Tisdale was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States as Ashley Michelle Tisdale.Ashley is a daughter of mother Lisa Tisdale and father Mike Tisdale. She is brilliant and popular actress, singer and producer of America.She started off her career with theater dramas and then appeared in television shows and advertisements.

Ashley Tisdale is very much as she is not only an actress and singer of America but she also owns a production house which is also another source of wealth. She has a very soft corner inside heart as she involved in charity also.

Ashley Tisdale dated with Jared Murillo and Scott Speer.

She was also in romantic relationship with Christopher French and the couple got married.

The couple began dating in the spring of 2009, just one month after Tisdale broke off her two-year relationship with "HSM" backup dancer and "V Factory" band member Jared Murillo.

A source told the magazine that Tisdale and Speer had been “on and off for a while” before deciding to permanently end their two-and-a-half year courtship.

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Tisdale was raised in New Jersey along with her family.

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